A Transformational New Beginning

After living in Los Angeles and Phoenix for the last three years with their two seasons—“hot” and “very hot”—the cloudy, rainy chill of Indianapolis today feels like the dead of winter to me. In the southwest, I had a difficult time remembering what time of year things happened, because the scenery changed so little with the seasons. Not so in Indianapolis! Here, I’ve watched the trees outside my windows burst into bright oranges and yellows in the span of a week. But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself… who is this unfamiliar voice writing to you?

I’m Monica Miller, the new full-time pastor at First Mennonite—pleased to make your acquaintance! By the time you read this, I will have started work at the church, but as I’m writing, I still have another week to settle in. That’s a very good thing, because there’s still a LOT to do. I’d be remiss, though, if I skipped over all that happened. My new place is in the middle of a transformation as I make it my home, and we found it takes a whole village to move a pastor. Between hosting and cleaning, unloading and painting, almost two dozen people from FMC pitched in to help in one way or another!

Robin Helmuth and Ned Geiser rejoice that only one wall had wallpaper. (Of course, it had to be one of the larger walls!)
Deb Helmuth, Diane White, Ray Miller (Monica’s father), and Doug Schwartzentruber tackle the kitchen.
Before transformation.
Mid-transformation… What might it look like in the end?

I’m not sure how many months it would have taken me to do everything we were able to accomplish together in less than a week. That’s not to say I don’t still have my work cut out for me, but this transformation from “house” to “home” is well underway. For that, I’m grateful!

A massive “thank you” to everyone who helped, and I look forward to growing alongside the congregation and larger community of Indianapolis Mennonites in the years to come!

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Monica Miller

Monica Miller is a fresh transplant to Indianapolis where she is a new pastor at First Mennonite Church. When she’s not cooking up the next sermon, she enjoys making music, watching movies, and baking pies.

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