Adding a Sermon Podcast

Upload the Sermon audio file to the website

  1. Prepare the sermon for upload by using Audacity to edit and prepare the audio file.
  2. Name the audio file following the convention yyyy_mm_dd_FMC_Sermon.mp3.
  3. Select Media > Add New to open the Upload New Media Page.
    1. If using the multi-file uploader:
      1. Click on the Open Bulk Edit area button.
      2. Click on the Podcast attachment category.
      3. Select the file you wish to upload and drag/drop it onto the bulk uploaded window (indicated by the dotted lines). The file(s) will be automatically uploaded into the Media Library and will tagged with the Podcast attachment category.
    2. If using the Browser Uploader:
      1. Click on the Browse… button to select a file for upload.
      2. After the appropriate file is selected click on the Upload button. The file will be uploaded into the Media Library.
      3. When the upload is complete the Media Library will be opened.

Create the Podcast Page for the Sermon

  1. Select Podcast > Add New to open a new podcast episode page.
  2. Enter the Title for the podcast page, for example, the name of the sermon.
  3. Enter a short synopsis in the body of the episode, including the date of the sermon. For example, “August 19, 2018 – Bob Brown & Shannon Dycus preaching on Mark 14:32-36; 15:29-32.”
  4. Insert the audio file into the document. This adds the podcast player into the page linked to the newly uploaded audio file:
    1. In the editor select Insert > Add Media.
    2. Select the newly uploaded audio file.
    3. Click on the Insert into post button (lower right-hand corner).
  5. When finished with the Title, synopsis and audio file click the Publish button on the (right side).

Verify the podcast page and audio file

To ensure the podcast page has been created and works properly open the FMC website (

  1. Select the Publications > Sermons link.
  2. Click on the title of the new podcast episode (page).
  3. Click on the play button on the podcast player – the audio should start streaming.