Chatting with Children

Sunday School Class: Kindergarten – Grade 2
Co-Teachers: Heidi Amstutz and Melanie Schmucker
Enjoy their views and opinions!
(Not all were present when we asked our questions.)

  • Olivia Amazan – K
  • Jonas Carlson – 1st
  • Ian Girard – 1st
  • Gabriel McCormick – 1st
  • Gabriel Rondinella – 1st
  • Eleanor Yoder – 1st
  • Weston Yoder – 1st
  • Vera Cornelius – 2nd
  • Isabella Rondinella – 2nd
  • Nora Schmucker – 2nd

What is your favorite food?

Olivia bread & butter
Ian cupcakes
Gabe M. cake
Eleanor skinny popcorn
Weston hashbrowns
Nora Pizza

What is your favorite pet or animal?

Olivia cats & dogs
Ian foxes
Gabe M. all animals
Eleanor cats & a crayfish named Fred
Weston dogs
Nora dog named Pepper

What do you enjoy doing at recess?

Olivia looking for bugs
Ian tag
Gabe M. playing with friends
Eleanor staying inside, playing & screaming at the top of my lungs
Weston tag
Nora freeze tag

What do you like to do at church?

Olivia playing on the playground
Ian snacks
Gabe M. singing songs
Eleanor piano practice with Miss Jana
Weston playing on the playground, reading books
Nora Sunday school

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Olivia music coming out of my hands like Spiderman’s web
Ian being fast
Gabe M. mind powers
Eleanor screaming without making a noise
Weston best at karate
Nora knowing everybody’s next move

What do you want to do when you are older?

Olivia be a vet
Ian be an author
Gabe M. be a scientist
Eleanor play soccer like Alex Morgan
Weston ride a motorcycle
Nora be an astronaut first, then a scuba diver

What reminds you of God?

Olivia love
Ian friends
Gabe M. family
Eleanor love
Weston love
Nora  loving each other

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Lisa Habegger

Lisa enjoys her time helping with the K-2 Sunday school classes, and watching these inspiring kids as they grow. This photo is of Lisa with her grown kids, Bethany and Annabella.

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