Come, Holy Spirit

Collaborative poem by congregation of First Mennonite Church
Edited by Shari Wagner

Come, Holy Spirit,
like a hummingbird
to surprise us!
Like a breath of wind
stirring the forest.
Like lightning’s

Flow, Holy Spirit,
like a river, providing power,
unleashing passions,
rising, falling, and
joining, like the Ganges,
mountain, plain, and ocean.

Refresh us, Holy Spirit,
like a cool sip of water,
like birdsong in the morning,
the breeze rustling sycamore
and aspen, sweet earthen scent
of forest floor.

Engulf us like blue sky
and the glow of dappled sunlight
through willow. Wrap us
like a scarf, a weighted blanket,
or the last wind of winter,
its promise of spring.

Holy Spirit, look upon us
as a parent beholds
their newborn child.
Walk beside us as our companion.
Support us when reviled
with a lawyer’s fierce defense.

Be the beautiful, iridescent dream,
crashing wave and bubbling fountain,
hang glider we launch with,
swift racecar delivering gifts,
warmth of a community kitchen
where all things sustain us.

Wake us up to live another day—
doing, loving, seeing!
Be our gentle task-giver,
healing therapist, the laughter
as we cry, fresh air through the vent,
waft of pine and campfire.

O shimmering Spirit,
spit, flare, diminish,
then rise again to leaping flames!
Be our common language,
our conscience, the yeast
for the bread we break.

Bristle, ever-present Spirit,
like static in our ears! Charge us
like fur on a long-haired cat.
Be the musical notes
on the staff of the wind,
the divine within us all.

Collaborative poem by First Mennonite Church congregation of Indianapolis
Edited by Shari Wagner, June 5, 2022

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About the author

Shari Wagner

I began facilitating and editing collaborative poems while I was an English major at Goshen College. Poets at an Elkhart nursing home would dictate their lines to me. Since then, I've created group poems with children and adults of all ages. And now, for the first time, with a church congregation!

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