Editor’s Note

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have… 

Hebrews 13:16

Caring and Sharing—these basic concepts have long been ringing through our church history and highlighted in Sunday School teachings. If we look at our FMC priorities for the church year, they can be encompassed in the circles of caring for all people and the earth, while sharing honestly with each other and those in need.

This issue of MennoExpressions finds us struggling with ever deeper issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. We have not worshipped together in person inside our church building since March. We long to gather with friends and family, especially for the coming holidays, but know the dangers. Still, we believe there are ways to reach out and show love to our church family, our neighbors, and a troubled world.

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A special vote of thanks to our technical team and our talented writers who took the time to share their thoughts with all of us, and highlight honest yet encouraging ways that we see caring and sharing bringing comfort and hope despite this dark night of pain and grief. As Mag Richer Smith encouraged us, we continue to voice gratitude, even in days of lament.

To follow are articles sharing accomplishments as we explore new options or consider practical ways to plan for the holidays or put food on our tables. Pause to consider the gift of a different viewpoint through poetry, prayers, and photographs. We trust you will discover inspiration and ponder possibilities for caring and sharing to enrich your life.

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About the author

Carol Mullet

In keeping with the theme of this issue, I have shared several photos that I have taken to capture special times in recent years. Hopefully these visuals will add harmony and complement the wisdom and inspiration from our contributors.