Editor’s Note

let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us

Hebrews 12:1 (NIV)

Moving forward, setting goals, charting progress… when the MennoExpressions team met to discuss our theme for this year we knew we wanted to capture the excitement of the church meeting in person again, learning to know Monica Miller, our new, already-beloved full-time pastor, and expanding our welcome to the community around us. Running the Race seemed an ideal metaphor for these and many experiences and challenges we may encounter.

Now personally, I claim no affinity for actual racing! I enjoy walking or biking on quiet paths, but I would prefer to cheer for others rather than compete in a sporting event. Still, planning and completing each issue of MennoExpressions feels like a race, though a relay with shared responsibilities for the team. And the finish line completing one issue blends into the beginning of the next—as in many life events.

As you explore these articles, we hope you glean wisdom from the theme of racing and find inspiration in the stories of racers who share their hard work of training and competing, or ponder turning hurdles into building blocks. Appreciate a behind-the-scenes glimpse into keeping the pastoral team running smoothly.

Enjoy learning about the way Kaden, an excited high school graduate, is already preparing for his next big challenge at Purdue.

You may want to race to the Top Ten article to complete the quiz for a chance to win ice cream, and see the update on the marathon project to enhance and care for the FMC Memory Garden.

A group of visuals could help you see the intersection of art, nature and pies(!) in a new way.

Don’t miss the dramatic “race for life” narrative, which reinforces the urgency to get help quickly when stroke symptoms appear suddenly.

Finally, in this issue we are launching Milestones, a new feature to share important life events for the Shalom and FMC families.

Blessings to each of you as you consider this encouragement.

But those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength… they will run and not grow weary…

Isaiah 40:31

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Carol Mullet

Racing to stay ahead of fast-growing weeds in our flower beds has, as always, been a chore that can bring a sense of accomplishment—but also exhaustion when there never seems to be a finish line. Still, enjoying meals in the patio garden area surrounded by colorful blooms brings joy and provides ample reward for the hard work.

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