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I have been passionate about creating imagery—art—all my life. In grade school, I started drawing portraits, and my work evolved to incorporate still life objects and landscape images as I pursued my master’s degree in fine arts. I like to create work with unsettling juxtapositions: images of quirky, man-made knick-knacks vs. nature, interior vs. exterior spaces, flat vs. dimensional, with the hope that viewers will be inspired to see all that surrounds them in a new light.

Bird – Tree
Mixed media – drawn image, wallpaper, acrylic paint
Cloud – Cloud – Cloud
Mixed media – thread, felt, wallpaper
Vase – Landscape
Mixed media – drawn image, acrylic paint, fibers
Landscape – Landscape
Mixed media – drawn image, acrylic paint

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Lisa Habegger

For many years I have been busy running the race, with the busyness of life getting in the way of creating. Just recently, I have been on the path of combining my love of fiber art, drawing and painting, exploring ways to put these all together to create new work and get back to my creative roots.

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