Faith in Action

The Faith in Action Commission at FMC is always hard at work looking for ways to incorporate our faith and mission with the greater Indianapolis Community. These thoughts and ideas came from a commission meeting recently.

Faith in Action is one of the ways we put First Mennonite’s mission into action, quoting our mission statement, “serving as the hands, heart, and voice of Christ.'”

The issues & causes this commission focuses on are:

  • Peace and Social Justice
  • Homelessness
  • Faith in Indiana
  • Poverty
  • Anti-racism (SERJ, BLM)

These actions and priorities are founded in the scripture, “when you do this for the least of these, you do this also for me.”

See below for some recent activity from the Faith in Action Commission!

  • Church Workday

    Thank you to the wonderful group of people for all the work they did to clean up the church grounds.

  • Faith in Action Sunday, April 7, 2024

    First Mennonite Church puts a priority on living out our faith, and reaching out to the community at large.  Periodically, we have a “Faith in Action” Sunday, during regular worship time, for all members of the congregation to help us live out our mission, “to be the voice, hands and heart of Christ.” On April…