JYF Weekend at Hess’

A few weeks ago, June 8 & 9, eight of our Junior Youth spent the weekend at the home and property of Lali Hess and Doug Miller. Lali and Doug, along with their daughters, Annie and Lucy had lots of yard games and activities planned. They also provided all the food and snacks for the youth. The creek that runs through the property was the biggest draw of the weekend, and according to Lali, the youth spent hours at the creek. Three of the youth had to come back to Indy on Saturday evening, but the remaining five spent the night. From all reports, they all had a wonderful time, and did not want to leave. I heard a rumor that they all made tie dye shirts, but I have yet to see them. Hopefully, this can be the start of a tradition! Thank you Lali, Doug and Family!!

Pictures of the weekend


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