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I have been involved with the Worship Commission since starting in 2018 as the chair-elect. It has been a great learning opportunity, and we have had a variety of different leaders over those few short years… When I started it was Bob Brown, then Gary Martin, followed by Bob & Mag, Frances Ringenberg, and now Monica! All of these pastors certainly “kept us running” in a variety of ways, but there was yet another who really contributed significantly when we needed it most: Andrea Grotenhuis!

In March of 2020 we began the new and frightening journey with Covid. The Trustees lead the planning behind the scenes. They contacted people with knowledge about technology who could brainstorm, looking for virtual ways of meeting together. Andrea (and Todd) became involved, and she really took the lead by sharing her ideas and time, along with Hollins & Jason, running through different scenarios to determine what would work out best for sound quality and recording. Andrea was scheduled to preach on what became our first virtual church service. She did so with her typical calm and forthright style. And that continued for many months—dealing with glitches, interruptions and mistakes with humor and grace. Andrea served as our worship leader, took part in nearly every pre-worship planning meeting, helped with children’s time and gave thoughtful suggestions as we sought to improve our processes and keep everyone engaged and in touch.

It was almost exactly one year later that we began meeting again in our FMC building. Throughout that year Andrea was a constant presence, guiding us forward and keeping us together. I can’t say enough about how much I have appreciated her leadership, her kind example and her openness to envision new possibilities for FMC!

Andrea enjoying her coffee cake celebration with Isaiah Rosner at FMC

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Rhonda Talbott

Rhonda Talbott is an RN and has worked at Riley Hospital for Children for over 30 years. She is the ENT/Laser Coordinator in the Operating Rooms. Rhonda enjoys spending time with her family, especially when water views are involved! They often visit Lake Michigan and Sarasota, FL. This photo is from a cruise of the Panama Canal in 2021.

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