MennoExpressions Volume 33, No. 1 | Winter 2020

MCC Receiving by Giving by Edgar Stoesz
Editorial by Rachel Friesen

Service Inside FMC

Mel Swartzentruber’s Legacy by Ted Danielson
MCC Kit Bags by Constance Danielson
Service is in Our DNA by Erv Boschmann

Service Beyond FMC

One MCC Experience by Ron Flickinger
Recollections and Reflections: Bill Albrecht’s Service Adventure by Grace Rhine
Life as an MCC Kid by Randy Stoesz
Bundles of Blessings by Carol Mullet


So you want to try something new? by Mary Liechty
Reflecting on Service by Paul Shankland
Top Ten Reasons to Serve by Robin Helmuth
Erv says Thank You by Erv Boschmann