Milestones: Summer 2023

Pastor Monica Miller was able to fly to MennoCon23 in Kansas City, where she even competed in an impromptu Mobility Scooter Race after the evening worship on July 4.  Eager fans cheered the four racers, which boosted and celebrated an increased awareness of accessibility accommodations. Yay for Monica!

Monica relaxing at MennoCon (photo by Lyle Miller)
Monica, center, giving her all at the MennoCon race (photo by Lyle Miller)

Pattie Mishler in her early nursing career, worked in 3 different hospitals before switching to medical offices after their children were born.  For the last 19 years, Pattie has been a part-time surgical liaison at St. Vincent Hospital for families waiting while patients undergo surgery. She moved to being semi-retired at the end of 2022. Her caring presence will surely be missed.

Dr. Dennis Mishler, known at IU Health as the Kidney Detective, was celebrated for his many years of caring for patients. In addition to his nephrology and transplant work, Dennis spent many years caring for prisoners who required dialysis at Plainfield prison. Although his last official full-time day was June 30, he is semi-retired and expects to assist with rounds occasionally, but also have more time for hobbies, travel and family fun. Perhaps Dennis will show up at FMC social events to share entertaining songs or perform bewildering  new magic tricks! On the FMC Facebook Faith formation page, you can read a more complete article that was posted from IU Health highlighting Dr Mishler’s career. Thank you, Dennis!

Let your lights shine

A unique milestone of sorts occurred on Sunday morning, June 25th, when Mike Hood and David Hovde were scheduled to be coffee makers. All went well on their first solo morning as they brewed coffee and filled carafes to serve after the service. But a power outage during worship time plunged the windowless kitchen into a very dark spot! Helpers moved everything to the fellowship hall where there was plenty of light for enjoying fellowship and coffee. But with no power for the dishwasher, these two cheerful, efficient workers—with the help of a couple volunteers—washed, dried, and put away dishes with light from candles and iPhones! Well done!

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