Moving On (spring issue of MennoExpressions)

Last July, inspiration struck during a routine editorial board meeting and we decided all at once on four themes for the whole year. Normally we figure out one, maybe two. But four? We were on a roll! There was an underlying idea of Flow to it, with the summer issue as What We Keep, fall Intersection, winter Together, and spring, Moving On. This final one we felt was appropriate to both to honor the high school graduates in a special issue, as well as nod to stages we each move through as we navigate life.

And here we are. FMC is certainly in a “moving on” phase, whether we want to be or not. Our entire pastoral team has moved on, or is in the process of doing so. We as a church are in a transition that we haven’t anticipated; what are we moving towards? What are we moving away from?

0519 MennoExpressions MOVING ON

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