Three Strikes and Ruth’s Babe

September 29, 2019 – The story (and Bethlehem society) defined Ruth by the three strikes held against her: foreigner, woman and widow. She was called out on strikes—an “outsider.” Three strikes and Ruth’s babe invites us to go beyond welcoming the outsider, to valuing relationships with, and learning from the outsider. When we don’t, we unintentionally become self-appointed umpires, calling strikes on others because they are different from us. Romans 12:1-8 is clear: we are to allow God to change the way we think. When we are transformed, our invitations to others to change the way they think will be better received. Would we recognize a Ruth, if we saw one? 

Scripture: Ruth 4, Romans 12:1–8

Sermons from First Mennonite Church, Indianapolis
Three Strikes and Ruth’s Babe

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