This photo was given to me recently, during a change of many seasons– weather, leadership, health, awareness, lives nearing the end and lives just beginning. When I look at this bright-eyed little girl– me, not yet 2 years old– I am immediately struck by the joy and optimism she radiates. She only knows what she has seen. She believes the best in others and that the world is a safe and happy place. But more than that, this child has within her the ability to learn and love and see this imperfect world we live in and make it better. As adults, we may no longer wake up with the cheery innocence of a child, nor should we. But I believe that this little girl’s energy and light still lives within each of us. My hope is that during these seasons of change we can each find a glimpse of the light and hope we held in our hearts as children and take a step toward a brighter world.

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About the author

Greta Weaver

Greta and her husband Darin live on an ever-evolving, urban farmette with their dog, two goats, and 5 chickens. She works as a physician by day and enjoys filling her evenings with outdoor projects, neighborhood walks, and landscaping adventures. They are looking forward to welcoming a baby into the family in December.