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Connor especially enjoys creating drawings of his family and friends. His work was featured in the art gallery at FMC before in-person events at the church were cancelled for Covid.

Connor with Cousin Pete

Connor with Katerina

Connor and Margo

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About the author

Connor Stoesz

I know there’s more to life than just TV but it’s still what I have since Covid is slowly going bye-bye. I’m interested in living in other states and countries. I would like to be around other interesting people more and not just special-needs friends. I still want them in my life but I want to blend in special-needs with typical friends around my age.


  1. Edgar Stoesz

    This is excellent! I had no idea! It is time we had an artist in the family!

    Now a request. Can yhou draw me one of me and Gladys? What are your charges?

  2. Pattie Mishler

    Connor- your creative art work always makes me smile! Your grandpa’s idea to draw a picture of him and Gladys is a good one to think about.

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