Task List


  • What about comments on posts? Disable or leave them enabled? Do they need to be removed from the code?
  • ARE COMMENT FORMS BEING USED AS PART OF COMMENTS? – Check email form for feedback – is it working? Is it even being used?
  • Begin to prune old content – verify with Bob and Shannon
  • Can Bulletins be posted prior to the service? How about on Saturday?


  • Need to send credentials to Gaynel, Bob, Ben but only when some basic education is ready.


  • Generate a page for Ron to use – new post/page format with bulletin and sermon audio on same post/page
  • IN PROGRESS¬† Upload only podcasts from 2017 – include them with bulletins on each page
    • Presently have uploaded four most recent plus Aug 20, 2017.

My Tasks

  • Get SSL Cert from SiteGround and implement
  • Generate instructions for posting content
    • People who simply post content (for example, Bob, Ben, Gaynel, Ron and Alison) should be authors – nothing higher



  • Send email to either Emilie or Alison Schumacher to get Dirt issue of MennoExpressions (February 2017) as it’s missing from old site
  • Check RSS feeds – are they working?
  • Clean up the Categories and reduce unnecessary ones
  • New password and account information sent to Alison, Joe, David, Ron.