Templates & Widgets


  • New page templates will be needed – note that even if one creates them in the child theme folder you’ll need to modify the css file in the child theme as well to ensure it displays properly.
  • IS THIS A GOOD IDEA – Post templates should be created to display posts (using categories as the trigger for template selection)
    • can I hide the post attributes (and template selection) when creating post? it’s essentially meaningless
    • can I hide sidebar selection when creating post? too confusing and creates issues unless very careful creation of sidebars is done by administrators
  • Widgets – current setup requires that the Custom Sidebars plug-in be present. Custom Sidebars allows sidebars to be easily created and then displayed on a given page or post by the author, or by a second plug-in (Conditional Widgets).
  • Conditional Widgets allows all widgets to be displayed or hidden for certain categories or pages, it also allows a widget to be placed on any page or post by an author.