Top 10 Terms Learned Via the Race to Upgrade the Memory Garden

Take the mix and match quiz below this blurb! Some of the matched answers are real and some have “looser” connections. Send your answers to me at email hidden; JavaScript is required or put them in my mailbox by July 10th. Of all perfect scores, a random one will be drawn for you to have ice cream from Graeter’s! Mmm, good!

The reason for this Top 10 is to acknowledge the countless hours of imagining, planning, meeting, and working performed by the entire Memory Garden Committee, plus additional volunteers.

Planning and Visioning

  • discussing our purpose
  • setting goals
  • revising periodically
  • embracing the process

Committee Meetings

  • settings dates/times
  • preparing agendas and sending e-vites
  • meetings, meetings, meetings
  • meeting minutes and follow-up

Physical Design and Layout of Garden

  • picking professionals
  • off-site meetings with professionals
  • meeting design architects and landscapers on site
  • determining the best matches for our vision
  • being flexible due to supply chain and labor issues

Keeping the Congregation Informed

  • First Things First
  • MennoExpressions articles
  • one-on-one conversations
  • Sunday morning sharing
  • visual displays in Fellowship Hall

Projecting Costs and Paying for Plantings and Materials

  • getting advice from others with experience
  • selecting and establishing fundraisers
  • promoting the fundraisers
  • giving thanks to the donors

Continuing the Work

  • bulbs and amaryllis sales
  • stones for paths
  • arborvitae, red buds, tupelo, and crab apples
  • benches and pillars
  • engraved brick pavers and plaques with names

With the above in mind, how many hours would you estimate the committee and other volunteers have donated in the last 18 months? 40 to 50? 100 to 200? more than 400? The answer is approximately 300! At a conservative rate of $50/hour for many of the services, this is at least $15,000 worth of time donated. Thank you to each person from the congregation and from the committee for running this race together!

Now, to your long-awaited Top 10 quiz! Enjoy!

  1. Cold joint
  2. Silent phase
  3. Veneer ties
  4. Anodized aluminum
  5. Hickey
  6. Bull float
  7. Nail hoe
  8. Donor pyramid
  9. Wire sinne
  10. Characters
  1. charging metal to make it rust-resistant
  2. something used to lure fish
  3. an upside-down polygon
  4. what happens to the neigthbor’s bovine when it is in your pool too long
  5. the time it takes gas to go from emitted to detected
  6. another name for committee members
  7. a faint memory from junior high
  8. tool used to trim your fingers
  9. worn to dress up suits or sport coats
  10. another name for a freezer

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