Van Gogh Makes Me Dance

I have long been a fan of Van Gogh, and two years ago spent a couple of days in Arles, France, where the artist spent his last four years and produced an astonishing number of masterpieces. I was dubious about seeing The Lume at Newfields, while in Indianapolis, fearing that it would be a schmaltzy disappointment. I was wrong. The digital presentation was excellent, giving a total immersion feel to the great artist’s work. The presentation was intimate, constantly in motion, and accompanied by rich music. The large rooms had dozens of people mesmerized. When a family with small children entered, the kids immediately broke into dance. They became part of the artwork, which I imagine would please Van Gogh himself!

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Nelson Kraybill

Nelson Kraybill is president of Mennonite World Conference and president emeritus of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He and his wife Ellen are graduates of Goshen College and served together at London Mennonite Centre in England before moving to Indiana. "Following Jesus across barriers" is the theme of the July 2022 Mennonite World Conference to be held in Indonesia and was the topic of Nelson’s Sunday morning message at FMC in September.

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